Essential Equipments for Your Salon

There are different types of essential salon equipment that you will need for operating your own salon business. Aside from salon furniture and amenities, you have to invest in high-quality electronic grooming equipment, styling equipment, haircutting equipment, and equipment used for hair treatments. To maintain a high-performance business, you have to make sure that the things you use for your business are also high-performance.

Here is a list of the essential equipments you need to have:

Combs and brushes – Your salon should have an ample supply of different types of combs and brushes that could be used for different functions. Aside from using regular combs, you should have specialized combs like rat-tail combs, wide-toothed combs, tail-end combs, two-tail combs, rake combs, pitchfork, etc. Your brushes should also be diverse from square brushes, two-vent brushes, round brushes, thermal brushes, smoothing brushes, wide-toothed brushes, and rake brushes.

Electronic salon equipment – Your electronic equipments should be high-quality and high-standard. There are various brands you can choose from, but you should opt for the best brand you can afford. Make sure that your list of electronic equipment includes hair clippers, curling irons, ridged curling irons, hair straightening irons, blow dryers, and comb hair dryers.

Scissors and blades – Scissors are the most important tools for your haircutting services along with your combs. You should have an ample supply of barber scissors, trimming scissors, and thinning scissors. Blades are also handy tools for refining the hairlines.

Hairstyling tools – The hairstyling tools you need to have should include hair curlers, hot rollers, diffusers for your blow dryers, and multi-styling kits.

Professional hair products – These are chemical products that you use for your hair treatments like hair color, dyes, straightening creams, curling creams, shampoos, conditioners, serums, and gels.